Illiger’s Macaw (Blue-Winged Macaw)

Wonderful, spirited, and also captivating, the Illiger’s macaw has expanded in level of popularity as an effortlessly trainable animal bird. Likewise called the blue-winged macaw, it is a small parrot that demands plenty of focus. As an exceptionally social bird, it wants to be part of the household. Because they assume they can’t manage a much larger bird, the majority of folks opt for a mini macaw varieties. Appears may be actually scamming. An Illiger’s macaw looks mini however behaves much like the big fellas.

Variety Overview
USUAL NAMES: Illiger’s macaw, Illiger’s miniature macaw, blue-winged macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara maracana or even Primolius maracana

GROWNUP SIZE: 15 to 17 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: About 60 years

Source and History

The stable of the Illiger’s macaw is actually toward the southern portion of central South America, featuring the forests as well as woodlands of central and asian Brazil, northern Argentina, and the majority of Paraguay. The birds grow on hands trees. The tree is their favored meals source and delivers plenty of protection from killers and stormy weather. Social naturally, wild Illiger’s stay in pairs or small flocks. They enjoy the business of other parrots varieties, featuring various other macaws as well as conures.

The bird received its label coming from German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger, that initially described the birds to the medical community.

However, Illiger’s populations in bush are jeopardized as well as looked at a risked species due to habitat devastation. For lots of farmers, the birds are actually taken into consideration parasites. Grains and farmers’ crops have actually ended up being a replacement for their disappearing healthy food sources.

Seeking and also holding have done more harm to their numbers. Little one macaws intended for the pet exchange are commonly snatched coming from homes. A number of these caught youthful parrots pass away or even are stressed out just before locating a brand new home. They usually do not have ample care as well as attention. The U.S. prohibits the import of wild-caught birds that are actually endangered or even put at risk. This includes Illiger’s macaws.


Illiger’s macaws are playful, helpful birds that enjoy individual communication. As a proprietor, if you sustain an even personality, you will definitely often find it mirrored in your caring bird.

These birds require a ton of psychological excitement, and they just like to remain active. They want to belong to the activity in a house and are going to frequently stray around seeking something that arouses their interest or even is going to rest on your shoulder to observe what you’re performing. Their inquisitiveness and easy wit additionally help them respond swiftly to positive instruction procedures.

While Illiger’s macaws aren’t understood to become particularly loud, they are actually still macaws, and they perform possess some vocalisms.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

An Illiger’s phone call is often compared to a crow, and also you can expect introductions as effectively as attention-getting calls when they want to play. They possess a clown-like individual and frequently surprise their managers with amusing feedbacks.

Illiger’s Macaw Colors and Markings

Illiger’s macaws are actually typically eco-friendly along with a bright red beam on their temples. The plumes of the neck and the top of the head are actually an attractive iridescent blue. They possess brownish-red patches on their lesser back, mid-section, as well as rear feathers, which are edged in a great blue. In-flight, you’ll view a yellowish to olive green cast under their wings.

This types has actually orange eyes framed by the timeless basic macaw face spots. Their black beaks are big for their measurements, and also they have flesh-colored shoes and also legs.

While Illiger’s macaws are actually considered monomorphic birds, meaning females and males look alike, the men tend to exhibit more reddish pigmentation in their plumes than the females. Young macaws are going to not have the dazzling colorings of grownups, however in time, this will certainly develop.

Caring for the Illiger’s Macaw

If you are actually interested in having an Illiger’s macaw, create sure that you have a whole lot of opportunity to devote along with this bird. A forgotten or saddening macaw is no enjoyable to be about, and managers are going to swiftly discover that these birds may as well as perform hold animosities if they are mistreated. Provide Illiger’s macaws plenty of safe and secure bird toys to keep them held as well as enhanced along with task.

Think about using 2 birds if feasible. They may keep each other firm and busy, which may do miracles for the birds’ well-being. Much more than many parrots, the Illiger’s prospers in an imprisoned pairing. They additionally succeed in bird sanctuaries with various other species, therefore a second Illiger’s is actually certainly not entirely important.

In the course of its own progression, it will possess a nippy phase. Appropriate training with beneficial encouragement is actually crucial to making this phase pass as quickly as feasible. You can overlook the nibbles, remove your palms, and also sidetrack the bird. Or even when a bird nibbles, placed the bird back in its own cage or on its play stand to teach it that catching does certainly not obtain compensated with opportunity along with you.

These birds likewise require to soar. They are actually acrobats in the air with graceful movements hidden in other parrots. They need to have a cage that is actually large good enough to serve some flight. Think about the most extensive cage you can pay for– a top quality one that can last the bird’s lifetime– along with a minimum measurement of 3 through 4 shoes as well as at least 4-feet tall.

Before getting an Illiger’s macaw, think about the high cost of ownership. The veterinarian bills, high-grade feed, toys, as well as crate expenditures build up quickly. If you can’t deliver your bird along with the best of whatever, look at waiting up until you can.

Think concerning spending some opportunity along with a bird that you are actually considering for your house. They can be temperamental. Try to recognize if the bird has prospective behavior problems just before carrying it property along with you.

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Common Health Problems

Along with correct treatment in captivity, Illiger’s can reside concerning 60 years. Illiger’s are actually prone to the exact same health conditions as various other macaws.

Diet regimen and Nutrition

Illiger’s macaws in bush consume a diet plan that is actually greater in fat deposits than other macaw types to satisfy their high-energy necessities. Their beloved foods stem from all aspect of the palm, and also their major beaks may crack open challenging palm nuts. Since this bird can melt a bunch of calories, it ought to possess a premium, healthy diet plan to fulfill its calorie necessities. They likewise eat eco-friendly veggies, grains, seeds, nuts, and also a wonderful range of fruit products.

Nourish your Illiger’s a diet plan including high quality seed and pellet mix as well as a different mixture of new bird-safe vegetables and fruits daily. Any sort of clean foods items that you place in your Amazon’s crate should be reduced when feeding time is over. You can easily anticipate that the bird will definitely eat concerning 10 per-cent of its own body weight daily.

Illiger’s might come to be tired along with the same foods daily. They can easily come to be fussy eaters at times. Poisonous parrot foods to stay clear of consist of avocado, coffee, as well as dark chocolate.

Physical exercise

In the crazy, the Illiger’s macaw is actually a bird on the action. Program to allow their Illiger’s macaw a minimum of 2 to 4 hrs of leisure outside of the cage every day. Natural leather, beads, and also ropes are going to additionally be accepted amusements for this humorous macaw.

Where to Buy an illiger or use’s Macaw

Due to the fact that it is actually hard to confirm whether an imported Illiger’s macaw is wild-caught or even captive-bred, bush Bird Protection Act of 1992 restrictions the import of all Illiger’s macaws to the U.S. Although they are actually difficult to discover, several reproduction plans in the U.S. helped to escalate the varieties coming from birds already in the U.S. prior to the bring in restriction.

You may discover Illiger’s macaws online at a premium coming from $1,000 to $3,000. Check dog breeders, saves, and also fostering solutions online:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Petfinder
  • Take on a Pet

Attractive, playful, as well as pleasant, the Illiger’s macaw has developed in recognition as a conveniently trainable pet dog bird. If you are interested in owning an Illiger’s macaw, make certain that you possess a lot of opportunity to invest with this bird. Provide Illiger’s macaws plenty of protected bird toys to maintain them occupied as well as improved with task.

Or when a bird nibbles, put the bird back in its crate or on its own play stand up to educate it that nipping performs certainly not obtain compensated along with opportunity with you.

In the wild, the Illiger’s macaw is a bird on the relocation.