The Chicken Coop: Designed for Your Backyard

One of the best ways to get fresh eggs is by owning a chicken coop. You’ll never have trouble finding your own food when you’re surrounded with healthy options in such an easy-to-access place!

This article provides information on what it takes to keep chickens and how much space they need, as well as their return rate for egg production.

A chicken coop is not only a great space for chickens to roam and lay their eggs, but it’s also an excellent place where kids can learn more about animals or just have some fun in the yard.

Build your own backyard chicken coop with these tips from the professionals!

One of the best things about raising chickens in a backyard is that they are easy to take care of. The perfect home for any hen, whether you raise one or several at once, should be spacious and well-ventilated with plenty of light coming through windows near ground level.

You’ll need some simple materials like:

-plywood sheets (enough to build four walls)

-nails/screws and construction adhesive spray

-as well as some equipment such as wire mesh hardware cloth

-PVC piping pieces cut into lengths measuring 10 inches on each side if needed but usually included when purchased separately

-a door flap made out of heavy duty metal screen material will also do just fine.

It’s time to get your hands dirty and start building a perfect home for the chickens.

1) Choose an area of land where you will build your coop, not too close to other buildings or objects that might hurt them in case they are startled by something outside their pen (like if a dog is barking).

2) Dig out about three feet into the dirt with shovels so there is enough room under ground level for both chickens as well as discarded food items.

3) Line this hole up against one side of foundation corners 6×6 inches each and fill it halfway full before taking another corner piece from sides opposite the first set down on top of it while placing two more beside these pieces until all four edges match together snugly without

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