Catalina Macaw (Rainbow Macaw)

The Catalina macaw is actually a rainbow-colored hybrid parrot that is desired for the traits it shares with its parents– two of the absolute most prominent macaw types. Its flashy colors make it extremely desirable for prospective parrot proprietors. However, it is actually typically its own funny personality, intellect, as well as the potential to reply to instruction that secures the bargain.

Variety Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Catalina macaw, rainbow macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Hybrid Ara ararauna x Ara macao

GROWNUP SIZE: 35 inches, evaluating 2 to 3 pounds

LIFE SPAN: fifty to 60 years

Origin and also History

This type was actually created through crossing a gold as well as blue macaw with a scarlet macaw. Catalina macaws are actually discovered generally in captivity. You rarely find a naturally reproduced Catalina macaw in the wild.

In bird breeding and also hybridization, the papa’s genes are actually frequently leading. Catalina macaws usually seem like scarlet macaws, given that the man is generally a scarlet.

The Catalina is looked at a first-generation macaw hybrid. It was derived from 2 naturally happening or “correct” birds. Since this is actually such a wonderful bird, some breeders use it for reproducing an amount of second-generation hybrid macaws (those from at the very least one crossbreed bird). It is additionally somewhat common to locate second-generation Catalinas that are a cross in between pair of Catalina parents.

The Catalina has provided its genes to several vibrant macaw combinations:

  • Catablu macaw: Catalina crossed with a gold as well as blue macaw
  • Camelina macaw: Catalina went across with a Camelot macaw (second-generation hybrid).
  • Camelot macaw: Catalina went across with a scarlet macaw.
  • Fire macaw: Catalina crossed along with a green-wing macaw.
  • Hyalina macaw: Catalina traversed along with a hyacinth macaw.
  • Maui dawn macaw: Catalina moved across with a buffoon macaw (crossbreed).
  • Milicat macaw: Catalina crossed with a miligold macaw (hybrid).
  • Militalina macaw: Catalina went across with a military macaw.
  • Rubalina macaw: Catalina crossed with a ruby macaw (crossbreed).
  • Shamalina macaw: Catalina went across along with a shamrock macaw (hybrid).


Managers of combination macaws acquire the best of each globes coming from their moms and dad types. Those with Catalina macaws describe their birds as being actually a best mix between the two.

Every bird– no matter the types– will definitely possess a special individual that will definitely reflect its childhood. Some Catalina macaws will definitely become one-person birds.

The bird is actually most likely to become social and accepting of folks if it is introduced to an assortment of folks when you to begin with take it home. This species can create a good family dog as long as the youngsters are actually certainly not also younger. Show the bird as well as the little ones to recognize one another from the start.

Highly smart, Catalina macaws react well to instruction and also can be instructed to execute many methods as well as to speak.

Speech as well as Vocalizations.

A lot of Catalina macaws may obtain a lexicon of around 15 words and words over their life-time. They may get loud as well as howl when excited, flustered, bored, or even merely to allow you recognize the sunlight is up. This family pet is actually not probably an appropriate prospect if you have close next-door neighbors, such as in an apartment house.

Catalina Macaw Colors as well as Markings.

In general, hybrid macaws are actually multiplied primarily for their color qualities. The Catalina macaw possesses a variety of patterns as well as colours. There are actually minor distinctions from one production to the upcoming.

Most of these birds are deep or even predominantly reddish orange on their bellies and chests. They usually tend to possess eco-friendly and blue plumes functioning down their spines and lengthy tails.

The Catalina looks comparable to the buffoon macaw. The 2 hybrids are actually often mistaken for each other. The most notable distinction is the Catalina commonly has the long, tapering tail of the scarlet.

There is actually no recognizable difference between female as well as male Catalina macaws. To tell them apart, you will certainly need to have a DNA test, chromosomal exam, or even operative sexing technique. The DNA test is actually the most noninvasive possibility.

Taking care of the Catalina Macaw.

Being social birds, they have to devote sufficient time building with their proprietors to become pleased, well-adjusted household pets. If you are actually hoping to adopt a Catalina macaw, make certain that you have at least 2 to 4 hours to spend along with your bird everyday. If overlooked or even dismissed, these parrots grow on interaction and will certainly end up being detrimental and also disheartened.

Similar to all huge parrots, these birds require a big cage that is no lower than 4 feet long as well as large by 5 feets high. The additional area you can easily deliver, the better off your bird will certainly be. Give the bird a lot of toys and also posts to keep it engaged.

Prospective managers ought to think seriously about macaw ownership. Are you ready to be actually woken early every morning by a yelling parrot? Can you fit the many hrs of socialization as well as workout everyday? Likewise, take into consideration the prices of possessing a dog macaw. Vet expenses, high quality feed, playthings, as well as cages all build up. If you can’t offer your bird along with the most effective of every little thing, think about waiting to adopt one till you can. The even more that you ruin a parrot, the better your family pet ownership knowledge will certainly be actually.

Diet plan and Nutrition.

In the wild, macaws consume an assortment of seeds, fruit products, plants, and nuts. Like any sizable parrot, nourish a Catalina macaw a diet regimen that includes a premium seed as well as pellet mix, together with fresh bird-safe vegetables and fruits. Each macaw, depending upon its own dimension, will certainly eat regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot mix and also about 1/2 to 3/4 mug of veggies and fruit every day. The moment in the early morning upon waking as well as at twilight prior to it moves to rest, you can nourish it.

Fruit products that are really good to feed to macaws feature apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, berries, and papayas. Well-balanced veggies feature carrots, pleasant potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, as well as leafy eco-friendlies. Certainly never supply avocado; it is poisonous to birds. As a reward, provide nuts like macadamias, pines, pecans, nuts, and filberts.


Catalina macaws need to have loads of task to maintain best mental as well as physical condition. If you have an interest in owning a Catalina macaw, you will need to supervise your bird for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours daily as it plays beyond its crate. This out-of-cage time is critical to prevent boredom as well as enable the bird to flex its own wings and other muscular tissues appropriately.

Destructible toys are actually exciting for birds given that they are actually involved; the bird typically specifies a goal to beat the plaything. Non-destructible toys will certainly last longer, yet macaws can acquire worn out along with them.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Catalina Macaw.

Dog breeders market Catalina macaws in the array of $3,000 to $5,000. Rescues, fostering institutions, as well as dog breeders where you may locate Catalina macaws include:.

  • Use a Pet.
  • Petfinder.
  • Bird Breeders.

The Catalina macaw is actually a rainbow-colored combination parrot that is wanted for the characteristics it discusses along with its moms and dads– two of the very most well-liked macaw varieties. Those along with Catalina macaws illustrate their birds as being actually an ideal mix between the two.

Some Catalina macaws are going to end up being one-person birds. If you are appearing to take on a Catalina macaw, make certain that you have at the very least 2 to 4 hrs to devote along with your bird every day. If you are interested in having a Catalina macaw, you are going to need to have to oversee your bird for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per time as it plays outside of its own crate.